How To Play With Friends On LAN [TLauncher]

Do you want to enjoy Minecraft with your friends? Does the distance make trouble for you to play together?  Say no more to these troubles as we are going to make it simplified for you. Well, this time, we are coming up with a guide that will tell you the top way to play Minecraft with a friend with Tlauncher. 

Minecraft is the most popular game around the globe, and if you play this game with your friend, then it will provide you with some more pleasing and delightful moments. Now, if you are thinking about how to play Minecraft together if you are not physically in the same place? Don’t worry. This is also possible. We have covered everything in this blog. You just need to read it all the way through its conclusion and get your multiplayer mode activated in Minecraft. 

Ways To Connect Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft

There is only a single way to play multiplayer Minecraft games through Tlauncher via LAN. For this, you will have to connect to the same network. Then only you will be able to connect to the same game. Moreover, the other method is a third-party app. This app will allow you to connect with the same connection through a tunnel network. Hence you can join the same game and eliminate the distance issue in just a few clicks. We have given easy steps in the further part of the article through which you can get easy steps to connect the multiplayer mode on Tlauncher

Multiplayer With LAN World In Minecraft 

Playing Minecraft with your friend is truly a top-of-the-world experience when it comes to gaming sessions. So, if you want to play Minecraft with your friends and are confused about how to do so, then this section will resolve this query. For playing in multiplayer mode, one is required to connect to the same network. Well, this way requires you to connect to the same local network. To make it more simplified for you, if your friend is at your house, then you are required to create a LAN world through which you can connect to the same game together. But how to make a LAN world? Scroll down!

How to Make a LAN World?

The very first you will have to do is to make a LAN world. You just need to follow the below-written steps to create the LAN network.

  • Launch your T launcher, start playing Minecraft game through this, and start playing in your single-player world.
  • Now, click the ESC key to get into the game menu options.
    How to Make a LAN World?
  • Locate the “Open to LAN” option. Allow cheat and hacks in the game if you want to use them in your game.
  • Select the mode in which you and your friend want to play. 
  • Now. you can press the “Start Lan world” option.
  • And, here, the LAN world is created.

How To Join The LAN World?

If you are done with the above steps of creating a LAN world now, you have to perform the below-written steps to let your friend join the LAN world. Make sure you do this on your friend’s device.

  • Launch your T launcher, start playing Minecraft game through this, and click the multiplayer tab to get into the game.
  •  Now, scroll down on your screen. and locate the option “Scanning LAN games.” Click it.
  •  Now, find your listed world in the network.
  • Double-click the network to get into it.
  • A prompt will ask you to join the server and click yes to continue.

How To Play Minecraft Multiplayer Mode From Different Locations?

If you want to play together with your friend but the distance makes you apart, then no more. In this way, you can simply kill the distance by connecting to the online server. You can make your Ip address and your friend’s Ip address the same with a revolutionized software called Hamachi. With this software, you can create a tunnel network over the internet through which you can join the LAN network. As Minecraft only allows you to play multiplayer mode if you are connected to the local area network. Let’s see how you can use Hamachi as your facilitator.

  • First, both PCs must have Hamachi download, and you must log in to that too.
  • When you are done with the login process, you must click the “create new account” option on the screen.
    How To Play Minecraft Multiplayer Mode From Different Locations
  • Enter any random network and confirm its password. 
  • Open another PC and play Minecraft on it. Start playing single-player mode.
  • Press the ESC key from your keyboard, and you will get into the pause menu.
  • Locate the ”connect to LAN” option, and then you will get a server ID from here.
  • Launch your Minecraft game and click the ESC key to get into the pause menu.
  • On another device, click the option “Connect to an existing network,” after pressing it, you will enter another screen.
    himachi Minecraft
  • Enter the password and the name of the network to get connected.
  • Now, try to connect with LAN. If you have done everything perfectly, then you will be able to locate another system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can friends play Minecraft together?

Minecraft allows people to play together, but only if they and their systems are located near to each other physically. You will have to connect with a local area network. This way you can achieve the pleasure of -playing together with your friend.

Q2. Is multiplayer TLauncher safe?

Yes, multiplayer T launcher is a way more safe way to play multiplayer mode on Minecraft. You can play multiplayer mode without even fearing your data loss or any privacy hazard.

Q3. How do you play Minecraft with friends far away for free on PC?

If the distance is making you and your friends apart, the hamachi can help you to eliminate the distance issue. You can use the Hamachi app to connect with the same server. And this way, you will be able to join the LAN server.


Playing with friends online is such a great way to pass the boring time. Hence, playing Minecraft with your friends can really be very interesting. Hence, we have got you the top two ways through which you can connect to multiplayer mode in Minecraft. Both of these ways and their steps are proven and tested by our gaming niche experts. If your mind is struggling with any queries, then you can connect us anytime.

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